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One of the great things about working as a freelance writer is that you are allowed a lot of flexibility. If you only want to take on part-time work there are plenty of opportunities to write articles for a few clients each week and maintain a pretty good income. Here are some things you should know about how to go about in search of excellent part-time article writing jobs online:

Identify Your Particular Strengths

The first step is to take an inventory of your skills so that you can accurately identify your particular strengths. Consider that most writers have a specific niche they enjoy more than others. Perhaps you like to keep travel blogs or like to give relationship advice. Whatever the subject or genre, look at what you do best and look at some similar pieces so you understand what will sell.

Create an Eye-Catching Profile

Next, create an eye-catching profile both on a freelance service and on your own professional page. Be sure you completely list your experience and services. List your rates so that potential clients know upfront what they should expect to pay if they decide to hire you. And, of course, list several methods for contacting you. Don’t miss out on prospective jobs by not including the right information.

Upload Your Work to a Portfolio

Along with your profile you should keep an attractive portfolio of your best work to appeal to a variety of clients. If you don’t have any paid experience working as freelance article writer then you should at least compose a few pieces to start. A good portfolio is an excellent marketing tool so be sure to pay attention to this and to update it frequently.

Submit Great Bid Proposals

A lot of opportunities can slip away if you don’t pay enough attention to the bid proposal. You should always address your client’s needs specifically, mirroring the job listings’ words and communicating how you plan on meeting each deliverable or milestone. You can start by building a generic template but be sure you customize each bid to fit the specific job listing.

Build a Steady Base of Clients

Finally, be sure to build and maintain a steady base of clients. Even if you are only working part-time you should have clients you can confidently rely on to provide you with regular work. Even if you only expect to work on three or four articles each week, you’ll feel better knowing you will have something lined up.

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