Where To Look For Well-Paid Freelance Jobs In Technical Writing: Tips For Starters

Starting a freelance career in technical writing isn’t an easy task. Many young writers fail to earn good money, because they don’t know how to find clients who will pay well. However, there are many technical writers who earn more than just a good living. Want to know how to find well-paid jobs? Read the tips given below.

  1. 1. Create your website.
  2. The easiest way to attract good clients for a freelance technical writer is to have your own site. Leave your small biography and contact notes on your website. In this case clients will know who you are and will be able to contact you personally. Post your articles on your website so that everyone could see your professional level. Point out that you do only technical writing in order to attract the clients you really need.

  3. 2. Visit job boards.
  4. While your site is growing stronger, you should look for jobs yourself too. Visit some popular job boards. These websites provide freelance workers with different job opportunities. You’ll find many vacancies related to technical writing, but be careful as some of them may not be reliable. However, there’s a chance that you may find a few very good clients with whom you’ll work for a long time on job boards.

  5. 3. Do some cold calling.
  6. You may also make a list of companies with which you’d like to work. Find their telephone numbers and call them. You should introduce yourself, say that you’re familiar with the work of the company, and offer them your services. Don’t expect a large amount of positive answers. However, if you make a good impression, some of them may call you back later.

  7. 4. Do some cold emailing.
  8. Some companies can be contacted only via email, so you should write letters to them. Make all your letters as much personal as possible. Your potential clients will see that you have serious intentions and make efforts from the very beginning. Also, every letter should have a link to your site so that your potential clients could look at your works.

  9. 5. Make use of social media.
  10. Being a freelance writer you shouldn’t ignore various social media, because they are the fastest way to advertise yourself. You should have accounts on most of the popular social networks in order to share articles from your site there. This method will help you cover much larger audience if your works are interesting and of good quality.

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