Freelance Copywriters Needed: How To Find The Perfect Job

The number of people earning part or all of their income based on freelance work is steadily increasing, with the writing industry be responsible for significant proportion of work completed. Consequently, many people are turning their hand to writing a wide range of different content for people all around the world. As a result, with so many potential opportunities available, finding what might be the perfect job opportunity has become a great deal easier; however, with the added competition, landing the perfect job isn’t so straightforward. In order to improve your chances there are various things that you could do to make yourself more appealing to potential clients.

Get yourself seem by the client you want to work with

These days, social media is a hugely important tool for potential freelance writers. It is a great way of getting yourself seen and noticed, particularly with social media platforms aimed at the job market. As a result, it is a very good idea to sign up with as many social media platforms as possible; however, you should bear in mind that you want to keep them regularly updated, so don’t take on more than you can manage.

As well as social media, it is advisable to start a blog or website where you can regularly post content, particularly any articles that are related to the specific niche that you may wish to specialise in.

Learn how to appeal to the client in your job proposals

Whether you are looking for work on freelance websites or you’re trying to land clients privately, it is important that any proposals that you send when searching for work have been written with the client’s interests in mind. If you’re working on a freelance website then you should have a profile page that is kept fully up-to-date, with all relevant sections completed; alternatively, when looking for private clients you can send a CV or resume through. These enable the client to see your achievements and qualifications; therefore, you don’t necessarily need to bring them up in the job proposal. Instead, a proposal should be focused on addressing any requirements of the project, and essentially what benefits you will provide the client with.

To put it another way, you should be looking to the future and what you can do for that client, rather than look at the past and what you’ve done for other clients.

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