Required Qualities Of A Freelance Medical Writer

From time to time you will see an advertisement for a freelance writer who can write with authority on one or more medical matters. This sort of specific job description is common on freelance writing agencies. It might be someone who knows about marketing or sales or in this case about medical matters.

Now straight away you may decide to cancel yourself out of the topic simply because you have no medical training. That is not the approach to take. Most employers in this situation are very specific about their requirements. If they want someone who has a solid history of writing on medical matters then they will say that. However, it may well be a case that someone who is good at research could equally apply for this type of job. The main piece of advice I would give is that you be open and honest about your experience as a freelance medical writer.

If you have an impressive CV and portfolio and can include testimonials from satisfied clients who will wax lyrical about your ability not just to write well but to research matters, there is every chance that the employer looking for a freelance medical writer may believe that you could be the person for the job. So what are the required qualities of a freelance medical writer?

You must be a good writer

It's not a matter of whether you are experienced in the world of medical matters, although that could be essential, but rather that you are good at research and writing in general. In fact an employer would prefer an excellent writer who has no training in medical writing but who is good at research to a freelance medical writer who produces poor work.

If you feel this is a field of writing in which you would like to participate, you would do well to study blogs and articles and e-books written by freelance writers on medical matters. How detailed is their knowledge? How complex are the issues they write about? And what has been the response to people who read this work?

Because the world of medical writing is so vast -- you could probably think of 20 different medical topics just off the top of your head - you need to decide whether or not you want to be a specialist medical writer. If you do then you need to be aware of what other people are writing on that topic, what qualifications if any they may have and how widespread the finished published material is circulated.

When you join a freelance writing agency you are given the opportunity to list your areas of expertise. If you do want to be invited to bid for work as a freelance medical writer, then you will need to have some relevance items in your portfolio.

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