Becoming A First-Class Freelance Copywriter Effortlessly

The freelance market is expanding tremendously in the last years, and you have to be ready to keep up with the changes. You might not always be in the mood to write or to search for new clients, but you have to push yourself in order to be different. The Internet is filled with tricks that you can apply to become one of the best, but not all of them are working. Here is what you need to become a first class copywriter:

  • An amazing profile. This is your business card, your presentation and the best way to attract clients. When your profile is interesting, you can be sure that you will get plenty of job offers without even searching for them. There are articles and videos about how you can create the best profile, so start making some research. Make sure that your description is not too long or too short, and that you emphasize your qualities but still remain modest. It sounds difficult? It’s not!
  • A friendly picture. All studies got to the same conclusion: if you have a good profile picture, you have a bigger chance to get hired. Make sure that you wear casual, but decent clothes in your picture and that you are smiling. Your friends, your pet or your family should not be in this picture. Your clients want to hire you, not to get to know your personality.
  • A good portfolio. How can a client know that you are the right copywriter for him? Of course, by reading some of your articles and asking some questions. You have to make sure that your portfolio is always up to date, and that you don’t make any grammar or punctuation mistakes. Also, remember to emphasize your successful pieces; if your article was published in a magazine, add it to your portfolio on the very first page!
  • Communication skills. You can push away even the most interested client if you don’t know how to communicate with him. First of all, you have to be polite and to know when to stop asking questions. Also, make sure that you understood his requirements and don’t try to do things “your way” if he does not agree with this. If the payment is too low, tell him this but also the fact that you can negotiate until both of you are satisfied.

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