Avoiding Pitfalls While Looking For A Freelance Writer Job

When you start out as a freelance writer, there are really no guidelines. You might be given some reading material and asked by familiarize yourself with whatever website you are using as a third party hosting site, but you are not really teaching you how to effectively market yourself, find new jobs, or stay away from bad clients.

It is important to know that when you start looking for freelance writer jobs, there are bad clients out there. Not every client is someone you should work for. There is a high propensity for cyber bullying to take place, as people do not have to work with you face to face and therefore have a much easier time taking advantage of you. This can take many forms. The biggest manner in which cyber bullying happens is through lack of payment. Clients can threaten to withhold payment if you do not make additional changes that were not part of a contract. If you work with a third party system, this is technically a violation of the rules, but you nonetheless have to go through the legal channels to dispute it and may or may not come out on top. If you work with one of these sites, there is often a feedback system involved and clients can, again it is against the rules but people still do it especially from other countries, threaten to give you terrible and dishonest feedback in hopes of ruining your profile if you do not heed what they ask..

There are many clients who will make an agreement for X amount of work or with X set of instructions, after which they have “changed” their mind. This results in them demanding you change the work outside of the original parameters, something you are not contract bound to do. As a freelance writer, it a client is “unsure” of what they want, or they cannot be specific, do not work with them. This will only end up costing you a great deal of time and money. And it will not be worth the payment because they will come back to you seeking long and regular phone calls or emails back and forth explaining what new thought they had, what changes they want, and asking for input. This process will go on for months before they are satisfied. Steer clear.

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