A Guide To Freelance Content Writing: How To Keep Your Clients Satisfied

So, you finally landed a freelance writing assignment. So, how do you make sure to deliver a really great piece of writing? I’m going to give you four tips on keeping your clients satisfied in the world of freelance writing.

  1. Over Deliver On Content
  2. First, you do not want to rush so much that you sacrifice the quality of your work. Do not think that you will impress a client if you rush through the project to turn it in early and the content is not as engaging as it could be and the punctuation not as strong as it could be if you would have waited and revised the project several more times. There are ways to make this happen and I am going to tell you a few of them.

  3. Revise Like A Pro—Spell Check or No?
  4. There are several methods of revision. First, spell check can actually correct your word in the wrong way. For example, let’s say you have jumbled the word piece and you have something in there like “place” instead of “peace” – well, spell check isn’t going to catch that is it? It is frightening to realize how many papers you have handed in by spell check alone if you think about it because on the surface, your paper might be full of such wrong word errors but you think it is perfect.

    You might use spell check as one step in your revision process—but you will want to watch, carefully, every word it corrects and then revise more later.

  5. Print out a Draft and Red Pencil it
  6. One of the first steps I take in the revision process is to revise by pencil. This allows me not only to circle words I have misspelled, writing “Sp” to the right with a line drawn out from the circled word, but I can also draw errors, and insert words, delete words, or move around whole sections of paragraphs to edit the essay structurally.

  7. Now Revise Again
  8. Now, you will need to retype the essay with all of the changes you made by pencil. The fascinating thing about writing is that you will find all kinds of other great changes to make as you do this that you had not thought of while pencil-editing the paper, you’ll see.

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