A Guide To Freelance Writing - How To Become A Well-Paid Writer

For anyone who is really determined to make a success of being a freelance writer it is fairly easy to find work. You have to do all the basics and we'll talk about those in a moment but despite the enormous competition if you are seriously interested in being successful you will find work. But this article is not so much about finding work but rather about finding work which is well paid.

Now what do we mean by well-paid? I suppose the answer is the same answer you would get to the question of how long is a piece of string. What you think is well-paid and what I think is well-paid could be two completely different things. But if you think of it as an hourly rate of pay you can come to some sort of consensus. You would not be expecting to get $500 an hour nor would you be expecting to get five dollars an hour. But you need to take into account the fact that if you are a freelance writer you are probably working from home and therefore you have no commute or travel time involved, you don't have to pay for transport to get to the place of employment or have special clothing. So the hourly rate you get needs to take all that sort of thing into consideration.

What do I need to do?

So in order to become a well-paid writer you need to become a paid writer. Nobody is going to start their freelance writing career receiving top dollar for the jobs they get. You need to build a reputation. And to get that reputation you need to have a track record of work. And you get that of course by being prepared to work hard, to work for perhaps not the highest rate of pay in the land and to achieve a recommendation from your employer.

This is very important. When you get the opportunity to do some freelance writing you should do it to the best of your abilities so that you receive a recommendation. As you go from job to job building recommendation after recommendation you establish a reputation. And once you have a high reputation your then it is in a position where you can charge what can only be described as the fee for a well-paid writer.

So make sure your CV and portfolio are in top condition. Know how to find the jobs which are well-paid and having found the know-how to apply to get them. If you're not sure about job applications than bone up on the subject so that you can be better at it.

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