Freelance Sports Writing Opportunities: Tips For Beginners

When it comes to freelance writing, the travel industry and sports writing are two of the most popular topics for new writers. Since so many writers want to start writing in these fields, it can be difficult for newbies to break into the field. By getting experience and using creative techniques to get new projects, writers can become successful in the industry.

  • Know Your Stuff
  • Sports and athletics require an intensive knowledge of the field. Unlike most writing projects, the writer must be familiar with years of team history and athletes. Without this knowledge, the writer will never be hired by a specific magazine or organization.

  • Get Specific
  • Major media sites and magazines will normally hire experienced writers. Unless the newbie writer has a friend or connection at these organizations, they will probably not be able to get a job at a major media outlet. Instead, freelance writers should focus on smaller, lesser known magazines. Publications that cater exclusively to one sport or an extreme sport often have a harder time finding writers. Individuals who want to break into the industry should look for small magazines and make a list of publications that will work for them.

    Once the writer has found 10 or 20 magazines that have a smaller audience, they can start to create proposal letters. Basically, the writer will have to pitch an idea for an article to every magazine. Each proposal letter should be customized for the specific organization because this will increase the writer's chances to get hired.

    In the beginning, newbies should expect just one or two responses for every ten proposals that they send out. Once the writer gets hired, they will often receive hundreds of dollars to complete a single article. Since it can takes weeks or months to publish some articles, writers may not get paid for several months once the article is complete.

  • Build a Website
  • It will take time and effort, but it is possible to earn a living from creating a basic website. Most sites can be set up for fairly cheap, and they offer an immediate way for the writer to begin working on sports articles. These articles will start to rank higher in the search engines over time, and traffic will gradually increase. If the writer puts advertisements, products or services on their site, they can eventually start earning money from it. In addition, this website can serve as a digital portfolio for potential clients.

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