Looking For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Suggestions For Beginners

When you start your career as a freelancer, you are not very sure what you have to do. It seems like any other writer already has his own clients, and there is no one willing to hire you. Even if this is your first thought, you don’t have to become negative. It’s pretty easy to get yourself a job and gain money even from the first weeks. Take a look at these 5 suggestions on how to get hired:

  • Promote yourself everywhere you can. You are new in this niche, so how can people know about your services? Write some words about your activity and your services and share them on every social network that you know. If you want, you can even post this on blogs and other websites. There is never too much publicity, especially when you are in the beginning. After all of this, at least a few clients will contact you to ask for more details.
  • Try to work with blog owners. While it’s difficult to get a job in a big company, it’s fairly easy to get hired to write on a blog. You just have to develop your own style so you can attract more readers, and to share the same principles as the owner of the blog. Try this site to get more information about this.
  • Join a group of freelancers. This means that you will have a manager who will assign you work and tasks. If you want to work independently, this might not be the best solution for you. However, if your main concern is to make money fast, this is a sure method to do it. You will never be without work, even if you will be paid less than other writers.
  • Offer discounts to any client. While this might seem like you are losing money, it is exactly the opposite. You will know for sure that you will also have work for the next month, and you can increase the price as soon as the client gets used to your services. You have to think on long term if you want to have a good career.
  • Publish your articles in the newspaper. In the beginning, nobody will want to pay too much for your content. However, as soon as people will start to know you and the newspaper will see that your content is attractive, they will offer you a very good position.

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