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Some peculiarities

If you want to be a freelance writer then the best way to find employment and become successful is to join a freelance writing website. Now there are plenty of them. And one of your first tasks is to go on a tour. Use your search engine to look for freelancer writing websites and check them out. It is important to understand the various peculiarities of working for a freelance writing website.

Generally speaking the way you are paid when working for a freelance writing website is that there are three people involved in the transaction; the writer, the person who wants the writing job done and the website. The normal way financial transactions take place is that both the employer and a freelance writer join the freelance writing website -- they become members. This is really important. If you come across a freelance writing website where you don't have to join then beware. By joining the freelance writing website you are protected by their rules and regulations.

Some freelance writing websites offer a basic service which costs nothing and then if you want extra benefits you pay. A perfect example of this could be in the number of jobs you can apply for. Without payment you can apply for a certain number of jobs per month. By paying a small fee you can apply for more jobs.

But once you join, get a job and get paid, you need to understand the difference between the actual amount you get and the commission retained by the freelance writing website. In some cases the commission is added to your fee and in some cases the commission comes out of your quote and so therefore you get less in your pocket. It's always good to find out these things before you sign up.

As a freelance writer belonging to a website you will get a rating. The higher the rating you have the better your chances of getting work. You are rated on such things as the number of jobs, the comments you get from clients and by the amount of money you have generated.

Disputes are a fact of life. It can be difficult to get the perfect result. Consequently a dispute may arise and it's always good to know the procedures the freelance writing website has in place to sort out any disputes.

Some freelance writing websites will allow certain writers to be invited to apply for a particular job. This is because they have a very high rating or because they have expertise in a particular area or both. One of the benefits of being invited to apply for a job is that you don't have to spend time looking for work.

There are some freelance writing websites which specialize in certain tasks. For instance there is at least one website where every job has to be completed within four hours. Obviously these are short-term jobs but if that sort of work is what you want then that type of task is available. But again it gets back to you conducting due diligence. Take your time and look at a variety of freelance writing websites and choose the one or ones which best suit your skills.

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