General Advice On Where To Search For Freelance Travel Writing Jobs

Freelance travel writing is a dream job for anyone who has a knack for composing interesting articles and journals and enjoys going to exotic or unfamiliar locations all over the world. The hardest part about landing a great job in this field is getting started. So, we’ve put together this general advice on where to search for great freelance travel writing jobs:

Create a Professional Profile and Portfolio

The first thing you need to do to find success in this field is to create a professional profile and portfolio. You can create a private page and even join a freelancing site. Be sure you are direct and concise in your message. Get right to the point expressing your skills and experience but also keep an eye for captivating text that commands attention. Upload a portfolio with examples of your best work, demonstrating your abilities as a writer.

Research Online and Print Opportunities

There are tons of great opportunities out there – both online and in print – but you have to develop a plan to make the process of applying efficient. Even within the travel genre there are a number of niche areas you may be skilled at more than others. Research all opportunities and create a list of the publications you want to target. Dig a little deeper and read through articles so that you understand the kind of voice they are interested in hiring.

Connect with Similar Freelance Writers

You can learn a lot about the industry by connecting and communicating with other writers. Find out about how to write effective bids, how to submit query letters, and how to negotiate terms from others who have more experience in the field. You might also benefit by hearing about opportunities you may otherwise had missed if you had tried to get into the field all on your own.

Complete Projects on Time and Correctly

Finally, be sure you get off on the right track by completing all of your projects on time and correctly. Communicate with your clients and submit work that is completely free from errors. You’ll be able to land more long-term contracts and will come up on top the list when they make recommendations to other people in the travel industry. But the important thing is that you simply provide great work so that your clients keep wanting to come back for more.

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