What Is A Freelance Sports Writer: Tips For Beginners

A freelance sports writer works for a company or individual on contractual or project basis. This means that you will be paid or earn on the basis of your work. It does not have to be a third party employer. You might decide to open your own blog or sell your articles without being contracted. In essence, you do not need a contract to work on freelance basis.

To succeed as a freelancer, you must have an advantage over ordinary writers. For beginners, it is easy if you make the following considerations.

  1. 1. Find a unique niche- there are numerous sports around the world that attract millions of followers. To stand out from the crowd of writers and reporting journalists, find a unique and untapped area to write about. Every media outlet will give results of a game in real time. They, however, will omit details that would make the story juicier. It could be the unique history of the game, what motivates the players, their background, unique diet, passion, etc. Ensure that you provide a unique approach that is not available on mainstream media.
  2. 2. Create web presence- contracts in any field are usually based on ability to deliver. Begin writing as prove that you can write. There are numerous free platforms you can exploit including blogs and social media. This will create interest around your work and attract the attention of potential clients. Some of the platforms are easily to commercialize which becomes a source of revenue.
  3. 3. Research- freelance writing requires a person to provide a unique product. Your work must be factual and outstanding. This can only be achieved through research and interest in details. Sport is a very passionate affair and the only way to win the attention of enthusiasts is to provide facts. They will always return to your site because it is reliable. Provide the facts that are already known and something more to make the visit or the article more interesting.
  4. 4. Passion- all sporting events are characterized by emotions and passion. It is about rivalry, dominance and conquest. It also has an element of revenge and bragging rights. These issues can only be understood and expressed by a passionate freelance sports writer. Each sport also has its defining characteristics. They must feature in your writing. It takes passion to produce outstanding sports articles. Passion ensures that you can identify with the mood of the winner and the justification of the loser.

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