How To Get Back Into Freelance Writing: A Professional View

If you have stepped away from freelance writing for a bit to take a break for whatever reason, you may find it a little challenging to get back into the swing of things. Fortunately, there are several actions you can take to help you transition back into freelance writing. You can review writing opportunities available and start preparing to pitch potential clients. Yet, before you jump in and start submitting proposals here are some points to help you get back on track into freelance writing.

  • Conduct research to help you understand content clients want. If you haven’t produced content as a freelance writer recently you should take some time to get caught up on what copy clients are looking for. This may include blog content, social media content, or other forms of copy involving large audiences. As you do this you can begin creating a plan on how to get started writing again and which sources to keep an eye on for job opportunities.

  • Get in touch with other freelance writers to get an idea about job market activity. If you have yet to get an idea of what types of writing jobs you want to apply for, it helps to get in touch with other freelance writers to get insight on what jobs are available. There are writer’s forums and social networking groups, for example, providing details through other writers on where jobs are. They may offer insight on what they think is most sought after skills and needs of writers.

  • Start off with smaller writing projects to warm up yourself up. If you haven’t been writing in a while or you haven’t had jobs lined up regularly, warm up with smaller projects first. This helps you reestablish a work schedule or routine if you are trying to get back into full or part-time writing.

  • Complete writing exercises to access your skills. Freelance writers are often encouraged to complete writing courses or exercises to keep skills sharp. There are free exercises you can do daily available online and you can do something as simple as keeping a journal or blog. Access your skills and take necessary action.

  • Produce fresh writing samples to use to help you apply for work. This is a good time to review writing samples and proposals you have. If you don’t have any to update or revise, create new content to show current skills and experience.

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