Freelance Jobs: What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home?

Here are some advantages when working from home as a freelancer:

  • Advantage #1: You can work from anywhere and do not have to stay in an office or assigned cubicle.
  • Advantage #2: You get to work from home and not have to deal with rush hour traffic.
  • Advantage #3: You can pick and choose the type of work assignments you will take and complete.
  • Advantage #4: You can work on more than one assignment at a time.
  • Advantage #5: You can work from more than one boss at a time. You can work with as many clients as you see fit at the same time on different projects.
  • Advantage #6: Working from home allows one to meet different individuals from across the globe.
  • Advantage #7: Working from home allows one to set their own hours to complete their work.
  • Advantage #8: As a freelancer, you are your own boss and can create your own rules regarding work.
  • Advantage #9: Can turn down any assignment that you do not feel comfortable doing.
  • Advantage #10: In today’s world economy and job market, it is advisable to create your own source of income.
  • Advantage #11: Freelance work allows one to create a second source of income for one’s family or a steady source of income.

Here are some disadvantages when working from home as a freelancer:

  • Disadvantage #1: You may not get steady work and may not get work for months at a time.
  • Disadvantage #2: Sometimes you may not get paid for your work and it may be difficult to try to collect your pay.
  • Disadvantage #3: If do not get paid for completed work, it can be difficult to try to sue someone in another state or country.
  • Disadvantage #4: Sometimes assignments may end unexpectedly or may not start at all.
  • Disadvantage #5: Sometimes it is difficult to work from home because there are too many distractions at home.
  • Disadvantage #6: Distractions that one can face when working from home:
    1. 1. Children.
    2. 2. Extended Family.
    3. 3. Trying to maintain the household.
    4. 4. Television.
    5. 5. Yourself-trying to stay motivated to complete the assignment.
  • Disadvantage #7: Sometimes you have to be careful who you send your personal information to, like your resume, when trying to search for freelance work.
  • Disadvantage #8: There are many “work from home schemes” out there and you have to be very careful when choosing one to work on.
  • Disadvantage #9: It is always good to have the contact information for the “boss” who will be assigning the work to you.
  • Disadvantage #10: Some work assignments can be boring or mundane to work on daily.

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