Free Online Freelance Writing Courses: A Checklist For Dummies

The greatest benefit of freelance writing is that you can do it either as a side job to your current occupation, or as a fulltime career. It can also be a reliable and well paying profession regardless of whether you take it up as a fulltime or part-time occupation. However, starting out can be a challenge especially for beginners with no prior experience in writing. This often requires taking up a freelance course.

While anyone wishing to take up such a course will often be required to pay a certain fee, there are some free online writing courses offered as well. The only issue is that some of these free courses may fail to meet the high quality standards necessary to become a successful writer. Here is a checklist for dummies that you ought to consider before choosing a free writing course.


The first thing you ought to consider before taking up the course is the reputation of the organization that is offering the course. The organization’s reputation matters a great deal because it determines whether the course that is offered meets the high quality standards required to be successful as a freelance writer. It is therefore important to ensure that the course you take is offered by a recognized institution or organization. In most cases, programs that are offered by the government and academic institutions usually offer some of the best free courses.

Type of Specialties Offered

Another important thing to consider before choosing free online freelance courses is the type of disciplines that you want to learn. There are several disciplines when it comes to freelancing. These include, but are not limited to, travel and leisure, arts and music, sports writing, journalism, and so on. When choosing a free course, you should ensure that the course you select is comprehensive enough to cover a wide range of features and specialties.

How to find Work and Clients

Besides learning how to write as an online freelancer, it is absolutely crucial to also learn how to find work and clients. It is important to understand that while learning how to write well is a critical prerequisite to becoming a successful freelancer, learning how to find clients and gigs is equally important for success. You can have all the writing skills, but without clients or work you will not make any money. Look for a course that also teaches you some tips on how to find consistent and reliable work, as well as some other useful tips on how to survive and increase your productivity in the profession.

Secrets Of Successful Freelance Writing Career

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