The Definition Of Freelance Copywriting: Tips For Newbies

If you are one of the people who want to build a career in freelance copywriting, you will need to start with understanding what exactly this business entails. In simple terms, a copywriter is a person who writes or edits written content that is mostly used for marketing purposes. These specialists usually create the following types of texts:

  • - Sales letters
  • - Informative articles
  • - Entertainment articles
  • - Guidebooks
  • - Blog posts
  • - Website content
  • - Advertisements

Note that people who write books (both fiction and non-fiction) are usually called authors. Their work is more creative, whereas commercial texts must meet certain standards in regards to vocabulary, structure, and content.

Tips for Newbies in Freelance Copywriting

If you want to try your hand in this business, the following tips will help you start making money as an independent commercial writer:

  • - Find your niche.
  • You will be able to build a more successful career if you specialize in one specific area of copywriting. You can base your choice on the type of texts or topic. Usually, writers focus on one specific subject, as this makes it easier to build a good name in the industry.

    As a newbie, you will need to gain some experience to decide what suits you best. This is why you should try your hand at as many different types of jobs as you can find.

  • - Understand the value of your labor.
  • You need to do some research in order to learn how much the services you provide really cost. Many clients make use of the fact that beginners don’t have a solid grasp of pricing policies and therefore offer extremely low rates. This is a serious problem that makes it difficult for many newbies to make a living by writing.

  • - Create a portfolio.
  • When you apply for jobs, you will have a better chance of getting good ones if you can provide the prospective client with some good examples of your texts. In fact, many serious companies won’t even consider you if you don’t show them your portfolio.

    Make sure that this “sample case” includes your best works.

  • - Write personalized pitches.
  • Every time you are trying to get a client, you should write a pitch that will tell the company exactly why hiring you will be a smart business move. Many newbies make the mistake of creating one standardized proposal letter and sending it to several firms. If you want to really make an impression, every pitch you write must be unique and customized to appeal to the particular company it is addressed to. This means that you will need to research the business itself before writing the proposal.

Secrets Of Successful Freelance Writing Career

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