What Is A Professional Freelance Writer: A Manual For Dummies

If you think that you have good writing skills and would like to put them to use then you may be wondering what a professional freelance writer is, and whether or not you can become one. The following essentially outlines want a professional freelance writer does, and how they get into such a career.

What does a freelance writer do?

Ultimately, there are many ways to answer this question. It all depends on what the individual chooses, and what direction they want to take. Essentially, there are many different writing opportunities available and, therefore, it ultimately depends upon each individual writer.

Essentially though, freelance writers will write about a wide range of different topics for clients. It may be that these clients require work written for websites, or it could be that the client works for a newspaper or other publication and requires articles written. Alternatively, when you think about all of the words you see around you in your everyday life, someone has to write these, and often it will have been done by a freelance writer.

Is the work only available on a part-time or temporary basis?

A lot of jobs will be available on a part-time or temporary basis; however, there are many opportunities that provide work on a more full-time basis. Ultimately, it is down to each individual opportunity or position that becomes available. Many writers will have a variety of different clients that they work for, often carrying out most of the work they do for just a small handful of main clients, whilst also taking other projects on the same time, often on a one-off basis.

Where do writers find work?

Writers can find work using a variety of different sources. For example, there are numerous freelance websites on the Internet that provide opportunities for writers all around the world - as well as individuals and companies who provide other services, such as web design.

Other ways of finding work included looking through regular job classified sections, as well as potentially even contacting clients privately.

Do you need a relevant degree?

Many individuals can be will be put off by the idea of becoming a writer as they feel that they do not have the relevant qualifications. Ultimately, there are many writers who have successful careers and do not have relevant degrees or have even studied at university. As long as you can write to a decent standard and have the necessary creativity then you can make it as a writer.

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