How To Use Freelance Writer Websites Without Getting Scammed

One of the most important aspects of being a freelance writer is to have reliable sources for writing jobs. Because many writers rely on writing projects as a source of income, you do not have time to deal with scams. The good news is there are different networks available for freelancers to help each other find suitable sources based on skills and interest. Here are some points to help you find suitable sites without getting scammed.

  • Get Recommendations from Other Freelance Writers
  • One of the best ways to avoid getting scammed is to get connected with other writers. You learn the ins and outs of which sites to use and those to avoid. You learn red flags to watch for with sites that are not legitimate. You also learn experiences of others who have been successful in finding work. In some cases you can team up with other writers to form writing teams. In this case there is a leader or head writer that seeks work and disperses it among other writers. They would have a better idea on which sites to use to get writing gigs.

  • Compare Sites and Writing Jobs Available
  • You should get familiar with different sites available and how they operate. This will include comparing your options. Look for similarities that would signal the site is a good option. Maybe you notice the number of jobs available or the clients posting the job. Maybe you notice pay rates clients are willing to pay or the option of being able to post work samples and reach out to clients for opportunities. You should not have to worry about paying to apply for work. Even sites with membership opportunities will let you apply for work without paying a dime.

  • Learn about Legitimate Jobs Available for Freelancers (What do clients demand?)
  • You need to have an idea of what jobs you want to do. This can help you find clients seeking assistance in similar areas. You should have an idea of popular writing jobs freelancers apply for and legitimate terms they offer. When learning about what clients want, try to learn about the type of client seeking such assistance. You can increase chances of getting connected with the right client when you know what they want. It helps when you have opportunities to contact clients and ask questions.

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