8 Useful Tips On How To Find Good Freelance Writing Jobs

The world of freelance writing can be a very rewarding one. But it can also be unforgiving. It takes thick skin to work in an environment where people believe they can treat you as disposable or treat you unprofessionally just because they never have to meet you in person. That being said, there are 8 tips listed below that can help you find good freelance writing jobs and avoiding having to deal with bad clients:

  1. 1. Go through a reputable freelance platform. Signing up with a freelance platform can help you to nab more reputable jobs from professional clientele. You can work with highly regarded people or businesses who have an established reputation for providing good jobs to freelance writers at reasonable rates.
  2. 2. Review the job description thoroughly before bidding. You never want to bid on a job or accept an awarded job unless you have reviewed the job description thoroughly.
  3. 3. Download any attachments and look over them. Sometimes the clients attach information on the job details and if you fail to download the attachment or read any of the private messages, you might miss out on something important.
  4. 4. Avoid bidding on jobs that offer vague details or where the client has no idea what they want. These will end up causing you more trouble than they are worth and you do not want to waste a bid on something like that.
  5. 5. Look over the client profile before you bid on their job. You want to see what other jobs they have posted, what kinds of freelance writers they have hired in the past. You can see what they have often paid and whether they tend to hire the cheapest writer or the writer with the best qualifications. This information is important especially when you have to list what your rates are. You might find that a job seems perfect but upon reviewing the profile of the client, they have always hired the cheapest writer at rates below what you are willing to be paid.
  6. 6. Communicate with the client if you have any questions or if something is unclear.
  7. 7. Provide samples with your bid.
  8. 8. Avoid anyone who is attempting to break the rules of the website. If the site does not allow for academic papers, then do not bid on a job where the client is asking you to write an academic paper.

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