Where to Look for Well-Paying Online Freelance Writing Jobs: Good Solutions

It is a great feeling to be a freelance writer and be your own boss. The bills still have to be paid, and you need writing assignments to keep your head above water. Fortunately for you there are a number of writer -related sites on the Internet. These can help you get those jobs you want to have.

  • Elance. This is not a bad place for anyone who is a beginner. Elance posts openings for ghost writing, blogging, e-book writers, and web content composition, among others. There is a very wide selection from all over the world.

  • LinkedIn. You need to have an account set up but this is a great networking site. The Jobs section will send out email alerts for those positions which you might be interested in.

  • Morning Coffee Newsletter. It is a weekly newsletter that posts writing opportunities that have very competitive rates. It is a compendium of information, sparing you from visiting numerous job boards.

  • MediaBistro. This site contains a number of media related job openings that a freelancer can peruse.

  • ProBlogger Job Board. The advantage of this job board is its high visibility in the blogosphere. It provides an opportunity to connect with some very serious employers at high profile blogs.

Being successful as a freelance writer, is going to mean approaching these sources well-organized. You must have a good idea of how much time a given project is going to require, and a reasonable rate to charge. If you have a strong portfolio there is no reason for you to bid down on any project. You may want to consider something in the medium-range to post. Do not be afraid of your competition because they are always there. If you’re a good writer you can rise above the crowd and do well.

Time management is obviously going to be extremely important. There are some software packages on the Internet you can use for dictation which will increase your efficiency. You can have a presence on several freelance boards if you would like to do that. It will require that you periodically check each one to see what is available, and whether or not your proposal is accepted. If it is, make certain that you have allocated sufficient time to get the job done properly. Every successful assignment you complete is going to add to your portfolio and reputation. By being consistently good at writing you will develop a clientele from these job boards that will be financially rewarding.

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