How To Write From Home And Get Paid: Tips For Freelancers

If you’re really into writing and want to make your living working from home, you should think about becoming a freelance writer. It’s up to you to decide whether it will be your full-time or part-time employment. Maybe, you just want to earn extra money beside your day work or studies. Writing is now in demand; it ranges from web content writing and technical writing to copywriting and blogging. Consider the following tips that will help you choose the area best suited to your interests and embark on your freelance career.

  • Make sure writing is your cup of tea.
  • Some people think that hypothetically they can write. However, when it comes to actual writing they demonstrate the total incompetence in it. You should be conscious of what’re doing, understand that it doesn’t take much effort and comes naturally, moreover, yields good results.

  • Be qualified.
  • Irrespective of whether you major in literature (journalism), or a field, distantly related to the language use, you need to know the basics and general principles of writing. To ensure your competitiveness, consider taking a writing course.

  • Be ready for challenges.
  • There’re chances that you’ll have to work at night or on weekends, especially in case it’s your part-time job. This way you’ll put to the test your ambitions and the ability to meet deadlines.

  • Prepare yourself.
  • Find out more about online marketing, business communication, and negotiation skills. All this will come in handy while looking for a job as well as already working on a project.

  • Create your portfolio.
  • Your potential employers usually want experienced and credible writers. Offer your articles on a website or blog and ask to publish it under your name. Then include them into your portfolio. That will serve as professional credentials and confirmation of your skills.

  • Analyze.
  • Before you start working for a certain site, compare the payment it promises with other sites. Also check the forums and find the feedback of the former writers on how regular and timely the payment is.

  • Be attentive.
  • Always read thoroughly the requirements concerning formatting, style, and deadlines.

  • Don’t be isolated.
  • On the one hand, the main advantage of freelancing is that you don’t have to commute to the office. But on the other hand, working in your room, within four walls, can make you feel lonely. Change your environment. Off and on go to a public place, where you can be among people, and work using your portable device.

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